Sound-based Microstyle

arbys ad

I think that this Arby’s ad is a good example of sound-based microstyle. While in the book, this microstyle is often also referred to with poetry which does certainly not need to rhyme, this simple and memorable rhyme is very effective. This gets the point across that they are selling not only food, but good food and beyond that it is about more than eating as a necessity, but an experience. When you eat food that puts you in a good mood, your whole dining experience is different. It implies that it is improving your outlook and perhaps whole day.

levis ad.jpg

Levi’s was clearly going for a more poetic and inspiring approach to this ad, but I personally feel that it falls short. The quote while generally appealing has so little to do with the product that it just seems silly. What is it about a certain brand of jeans that is enabling the “average man” to be “divine”? Are they just flexible enough to do backflips? Overall I don’t find this to be very effective microstyle because it seems too loosely connected.


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