Ambiguity and Metaphor Microstyle


I chose one of Nike’s common “just do it” ads as my example of ambiguity because it conveys both a hefty amount of information and sort of, nothing at the same time. It is meant to be a motivator and an open ended one at that so that they can reach a wide range of people with a range of goals. What is the “it”? Whatever you want it to be.


I chose this Wilson tennis ad as my example for metaphor because it plays off of a famous line from Teddy Roosevelt. When Roosevelt said this, he was speaking about being in power (in government but it could connect in other ways) and he was speaking in metaphor himself. To speak softly and carry a big stick means to make your overt actions count and to make your words subtle and peaceful. And of course, I don’t think he was thinking of tennis.


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