6 Word Stories

Daydream: strangling her before another sound.

His hat blown off: clean sweep.

“Storytime!”, two empty chairs in attendance.

Music crescendoed, nobody heard the gun.

A shuddering laundry pile, suddenly still.

The whale’s beached, the woman drowns.

SNOW REPORT: Two toes found, anonymous.

What is your mother doing here?

In lieu of flowers, leave memories.

Healthy arteries, but you’re still heartless.

Even now, it is still you.

REFLECTION: Writing these six word stories was somewhat challenging because I would come up with ideas in my head that seemed short and as I wrote them they would be 7, 8, or 9 words and I would have to rework them so that they would still make sense, but parred down to 6. I enjoyed this exercise because sometimes I get bogged down in the phrasing of things and make my writing too ornate and it loses the focus of the plot.


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